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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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all slowly start to wake up this monday morning. it is monday, july 6th. i'm maria medina. >> and i'm brian hackney, frank is off this morning. let's see maria, brian, gia that and our last last link with the original morning team, roberta gonzales. >> good morning everybody, we have a very drizzly start and did you have any drizzle coming into work this morning? >> i did. >> there's some drizzle on the coast and into the bay this morning. at sfo so far no reports of any delays but we'll keep you apprised of that. upper 50s in san francisco to 63-degrees in san jose. and later today, clouds parked at the coast and sunshine away from the bay. the full, if is still straight -- forecast is still straight ahead. because of that drizzle you might have some slick surfaces this morning and be careful. some slight delays at the bay bridge but not so bad and we are working on the accident eastbound 152 at ferguson. big rig accident overnight near gilroy. keep you updated on that. >> thank you guys so much. see you guys soon. all righty. san pablo police are
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investigating a reported officer-involved shooting and it happened just after 11:30 last night. witnesses say shots were fired after a car police were pursuing crashed at the boulevard and bush street. rumra boulevard remains closed at this time and our kiet do is on the way to the scene and he'll have a live report in about 30 minutes. a suspected burglar is dead after trying to night off a pleasanton police officer. officers were responding to an alarm at the specialty sales classic car dealership at about 2:00 in the morning when they spotted the man. he ran out a broken back window. when officer followed there was a confrontation. >> and the man ran. the officer chased him down. and caught him. the two had a physical struggle during which the officer fired his pistol. hitting the male. >> the suspect later died at the hospital. the officer suffered minor injuries during the confrontation. he's on standard leave. it's the first officer-involved shooting in pleasanton in nearly ten years.
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a san mateo woman admits she beat her neighbor to death with a baseball bat. 40-year-old brenda martinez turned herself in on saturday night to police. she had been talking with her 66-year-old neighbor and had become angry. we spoke with the man who lived in the apartment unit between the two women for ten years. >> it wouldn't surprise me that she could. she was a big lady you but you know she was real young. ellie was older. she was probably about 60 years old. and had quite a few physical limitations. >> at long time neighbors say they have not heard any arguments between the two women. martinez is now under arrest on suspicion of homicide. today, the man accused of killing a woman on pier 14 in san francisco will be arraigned. at the same time, the suspect's criminal history is prompting a renewed debate about san francisco's status as a sanctuary city. lisa chan is at the hall of justice in san francisco where the arraignment happens in a
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few hours. >> reporter: good morning, san francisco became a sanctuary city in 1989. now it's the topic of a national debate. last week, 32-year-old kate stein lee was shot in broad daylight along san francisco's waterfront. the suspect francisco sanchez is an undocumented immigrant with a long criminal history. i was will in jail -- he was in jail on a drug charge and immigration authorities asked san francisco to notify them once he became released but they did not. >> we have lost our daughter. we're devastated? it's not a time in which we can get into this whole big political mess,. >> reporter: because san francisco is a sang tear city. it -- sanctuary city. mayor ed lee's office is referring all questions about it to the sheriff ross mirkarimi running for re- election referred us to their attorney. the california attorney general harris hasn't commented. except a short quote released
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from her office. so will this debate affect the future of the politicians? you can hear what our political analysis says about it in about 30 minutes. live from the hall of justice, lisa chan, kpix 5. investigators suspect illegal fireworks are to blame for a 300-acre fire that threatened hundreds of homes and vacaville saturday night as they returned from the city's fireworks display. neighbors saw a hillside erupt in flames behind their homes and some people say that flames came to within 50 feet of their houses and more than 100 firefighters had to be called in to battle the 50-mile an hour wind fueled fire. >> 100% of the reasons we didn't lose any houses was because people took care of their vegetation. we had very low fuel right up against houses and that's what stopped it. >> it came close though. the fire the still under investigation but even as crews fought the fire, illegal fireworks could be heard soming from nearby neighborhoods. and a brush fire sent a big
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plume of smoke over hayward. it burned about six acres yesterday just south of the hayward regional shoreline. firefighters knocked it down in about an hour and no structures damage. the cause of the fire under investigation. well, california water users are finding out saving water doesn't necessarily mean saving mandarin the drought. water utilities across the state are raising rates and adding fees. the less money the local water agencies make the more people conserve. the utilities stay hikes are necessary to cover the cost of doing business. california water agencies are expected to lose about $1 billion in revenue under the state's mandatory restriction. well, what time is it? it's will:35. >> moving right along this morning. >> you and me and the raccoon, how are you? roberta darling. >> thank you for joining us. coming to play with us this morning. little drizzle out there this morning. in fact actually a lot of drizzle. we have a very deep marine
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layer and share that with you momentarily be first a look outside at gotham city. the clouds continue to lower and you can see a little of the condensation on the camera lens. currently our air temperatures are extremely mild in the upper 50s and in the 60s and the winds are pretty much nonexistent at this time. you have a little glitch but nevertheless you can get the flavor here the idea. this is an area of low pressure roughly 350 miles due west of san francisco. flush and it's enhancing that marine layer can causing the drizzle this morning. no clearing at the beaches today. don't count on any sunshine there. otherwise am physical sunshine away from the bay into the inland areas and west winds 10 to 20 and temperature-wise 60s beaches and 80s in the inened lair -- inland areas. here's a look at the week ahead. we will see that deep marine layer again tomorrow. and then by wednesday, thursday, we're actually going to bump up the cloud cover and produce a slight chance of showers. we're going to talk more about that coming up but first here's gia that. thank you roberta.
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to the 152 area near gilroy and hollister. an overnight accident involving a big rig on the eastbound side of 152 but at one point they had both directions shut down right at ferguson to clear everything out of the lanes. just checking in with chp. looks like they're changing toyota a soft closure so things -- it so a soft closure, we'll update you on that. otherwise closer to home. bay bridge looks good as you go to the pay gates no delays and also looking good 880 towards 92. the san mateo bridge itself checking in problem free both directions and easy 14 to 15 minute ride between 880 and 101. brian? all right, well let's see if the second time is the charm. a rough commute is in store for people who drive between san francisco and marin this week. doyle drive in the city will be shut down for the weekend starting at 10:00 thursday night. they tried this back in may and they decided they weren't quite ready. crews will finalize connections and transferring traffic lanes to a new permanent rutway.
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drill drive will reopen next monday at 5:00 a.m. also taking forever to put a suicide barrier up along the golden gate bridge. because of layers of government bureaucracy. it's been more than a year since the district board approved the $76 million project. but the marin independence journal reports officials are now waiting on a permit from the park service to get construction going. today investors are watching greece. small groups of protesters clashed with police in athens overnight after voters rejected the terms of a bailout deal. many greeks believe the no vote puts their country in a stronger position to negotiate with creditors and the euro zone. >> we don't want to be slaves. >> you have to understand that right now, the poor people -- they can't take it anymore. >> today the finance minister of greece resigned after being told his counterparts from creditor nations do not want him at meetings. he says the prime minister believes his resignation might help achieve a deal.
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and the man whose baby daughter is missing in shasta county is now being called a person of interest. 6-month-old amber graham was missing on wednesday and her father 24-year-old matthew graham said that he put her to bed on wednesday night at his home in happy valley. in the morning, she was gone. investigators say that graham has given them a series of inconsistent statements and now he's in jail on a probation violation. in the meantime, ember's family is frantically trying to find her. >> we're just trying to hold it together. keep it moving forward as much as possible. it's kind of hard when you hear tips and you want to go check them out but then again you don't want to see anything. >> so far graham's family is standing by him saying they don't think that he would hurt his own child. well happy monday morning everyone. time now is 4:39. a deck collapse brings a fourth of july party to a frightening end. what inspections show may have
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authorities in north carolina are blaming deteriorating nails for the collapse of a deck at a north carolina beach house. 24 people of an extended family were injured two critically when the deck gave way on saturday night in emerald isle. at the time they were posing for a picture. they were standing on the small part of the deck about 10 feet above the ground. >> chaotic, lot of dreaming and broken bones, blood. -- screaming and broken bones, blood. not something you want to see every day obviously. pretty sad too. >> the town manager says the deck was likely up to code when the house was built in 1986 but the nails apparently deteriorated in the time since. a woman with a history of trying to sneak on to airplanes including the bay area has been arrested twice in chicago. 63-year-old marilyn hartman actually had a valid boarding past when she was arrested for causing a disturbance on a plane before it took off from midway airport on friday. then on saturday, she was
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arrested at o'hare airport. previously hartman has flown from san jose to l. a. without a ticket. u.s. postal workers will soon have more than just letters in their mail bags. they'll also have panic buttons to keep them safe. a tax on postal workers are on the rise. there are more than 400 assaults last year and increase of 9% from five years earlier. have also been thousands of dog bites. now letter carriers have special scanners that will track their locations and enabling them to call for help if they need it. >> when you think about the power of this, the safety element of what this allows us to do from a carrier's standpoint is just incredible. >> all 230,000 letter carriers will get the devices. total cost for the postal service will be about $200 million. a mass held by pope francis in ecuador today is expected to draw a million people. the argentine born pontiff arrived yesterday afternoon
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kicking off the week long homecoming tour of south america. a vatican spokesman says the pope is excited to spread his message of hope and his concern for the poor and the environment from ecuador, he'll head to bolivia then paraguay. britain's newest royal is now officially named. princess charlotte elizabeth diana of cambridge. yesterday marked the first public outing for the princess. the family was in southeast england for a christening. the duke and duchess of cambridge had their hands full and like father like son, little george in an outfit almost identical to the one his father wore 30 years ago. team usa is celebrating bringing the world cup home for the first time since 1999. the american women beat japan in last night's final 5-2. it was a rematch a lot of u.s. soccer fans were hoping for after japan beat the u.s. back in 2011. carli lloyd scored three goals within the first 16 minutes of
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the game earning her the golden ball. >> pretty exciting. did you guys get to watch that yesterday? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> what didn't you do? >> that was exciting stuff though and i was reading that the players' salary range anywhere in $6,000 to $60,000. that's the cap for one of the professional players. but now, after this? they can make millions in endorsements. >> wow. >> up to $10 million they are saying. >> wow. >> yeah not bad for a -- hard day of work there right? it was exciting stuff. good morning everybody. as you're getting ready to head back after the holiday we have some very drizzly conditions along the coast into the day. this is why. take a look at the live weather camera, you can see the clouds continue to lower. and it's a very deep enhanced marine layer. and our temperatures are pretty mild in the 50s and 60s. good morning to oakland in the low 60s. this is our satellite imagery, it's really interesting you can see the rotation and circulation around this center of this area of low pressure. and it's approximately about 350 miles just off the san francisco coast.
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and that's really enhancing that marine layer today. so i would not bank on any kind of clearing at the coast. and then what we're watching upstream. way to the north of us, is an area of low pressure and this could sweep through the bay area by midweek producing at least a chance of showers and/or thunderstorm activity. so something that we're going to bear watching for the next couple of days here. all right, so clouds and some sun and some 71 degrees today if you're heading to santa cruz and why not? it's summertime in the bay area. 90 at the state capital and 69 monterey bay and triple digits at redding. and 74 degrees in the high sierra with a chance of the late day stray thunderstorm. our numbers stacking up pretty much where they should be for this time of the year. in the 60s at the beaches and 60s 70s bay side and climbing to the upper 70s and low 80s around the peninsula. so 78-degrees in napa. 82 degrees in the other wine country of livermore. here's the extended forecast, you'll notice we'll bump up the temperatures ever so much. tomorrow and then we bring them back down with that chance of a
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shower on wednesday and thursday. that's a look at your monday forecast. here's gianna. all right checking the roadways right now. so far so good. no major accidents to report as you work your way along the altamont pass. we are seeing speeds dip though just a little bit pretty typical for a monday morning. so things are starting to get a bit busy out there. westbound 580 altamont pass to 680. about a 15 minute ride and most of the brake lights starting just as you come away from mountain house and 205. just a heads-up there this morning. once you get to 680 extra volume but traffic still moving nicely. lots of cars though working their way on the westbound side that will start to slow down here within the next 30 minutes and eastbound not a lot of traffic at all. looking good on 580. 880. so far so good. northbound 880 an easy ride into oakland. southbound clear as well as you work area way into hay word and union city. bay bridge a good start. 18 minute taking the east shore freeway commute to the bay bridge from the carquinez bridge to the maze. no delays in the maze right now. checking some of our other bay
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area bridges, dunbarton bridge in the green. san mateo bridge also looks pretty good both directions is clear as well. and here's a closer look at the san mateo bridge. looking good. 13 minutes. 880 to 101. 101 itself along the peninsula, not seeing any trouble spots this morning. everything clear northbound all the way to sfo. the zipper trucks moving along the golden gate bridge right now, lane changes happening. still not affecting traffic. 14 minutes southbound 101 out of marin county from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. that was pretty good this morning. checking the drive times in the south bay in the green north 101. 280 to 680. no delays on 280 in guadalupe parkway. check mass transit in a minute. hey gas prices around bay area are holding steady with averages just a bit lower over the past week. in san francisco the price for that gallon of regular is $3.62 compared to $3.53 last week. and oakland the average is $3.39 also down a cent from a week ago. and in san jose, the price is
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$3.36 down from $3.37. the long strange trip has finally come to an end. the grateful dead played their final concert in chicago last night. the last of the legendary band's fare three well shows after starting in palo alto more than 50 years ago. more than 70,000 people packed soldier field an attendance record for the stadium and also happens to be the last venue that jerry garcia played with the band before he died back in 1995. falls are among the leading causes of serious injury for older americans. but one bay area assisted living facility says it has found a way to keep more seniors on their feet. as care care sews -- cate cauguiran shows us it starts by having them sit down. >> reporter: every morning the senior community at fremont's ageist gardens put aside the walkers to sit down and work out. >> rather than regular tai chi, it's the chair tai chi. they're able to sit and still be able to do the movements but
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not worry about falling or injuring themselves. >> reporter: it's called sit down tai chi. a modified version of the traditional chinese exercise using gentle flowing movements. >> it's become such a popular exercise program. that we've even started incorporating some very similar type of chair tai chi exercises in the afternoon because so many people want to participate. >> reporter: but more than that, medical experts say the exercise can save lives. >> muscle cramps and also can stimulate their circulation. >> reporter: for seniors muscle strength is vitalment according to the cdc, one in three americans 65 and older fall each year. and falls are the leading cause of injury related death in older adults. but here at ageist gardens -- >> we found that number one, we have one of the lowest falls in this company, number two is a lot of residents, they become so much better after moving in. >> doing this exercise so -- makes me more flexible. >> reporter: emily says it's dramatically cut down on falls
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injuries and has greatly improved seniors' health. >> initially they might come in in a wheelchair, three months later they're using a walker. you see the improvement and it's a gradual improvement but every day we see them get stronger and stronger. >> reporter: more time to enjoy retirement. in fremont, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. all right, on this monday morning now at nine minutes before 5:00. a swarm of angry bees holds a neighborhood hostage. why the colony's owner says he
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friendly kids have more friends? mm-hmm. that's obvious. did you know most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid, but they're not? announcer: parents who really know it all know for sure that their child is in the right seat at the right age and size. visit to make sure your child is protected. i'm putting that on my blog. i just put it in mine. time check 4:53 on this back to work monday. taking a look at the temperatures in and around the microclimates. don't hold out for any kind of sunshine at the beaches. in the 60s. around the peninsula today, 70s and 80s climbing to the 80s and
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across the santa clara valley. i think you get the feel of this now. east of the bay upper 70s up to 86 degrees for the hot spot in brentwood. 60s. no sunshine stinson beach and low 80s in novato and upstream we go. good morning windsor at 85 degrees. and good morning from the kcbs traffic center. skip the roads the morning and use b.a.r.t.. 31 trains in fact are on time system wide. golden gate ferries and caltrain also looking good as well. off to a good start on this monday morning. thank you so much. speeding and dangerous driving are blamed for this deadly bus crash in china. caught on camera. video shows a bus full of tourists careening around a curve and tumbling over a bridge guardrail. another camera catches the crash from the road. 11 people died on that bus. diplomats are racing to reach an agreement on iran's nuclear program by tomorrow's set deadline. secretary of state john kerry says talks with iran's foreign
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minister in vienna have made significant progress but there's still issues to resolve. one of the most sensitive issues remaining is whether inspectors will be allowed near anytime to access -- dish anywhere anytime to access iran's nuclear facilities. a convicted killer in upstate new york who broke free from prison has a new home. david sweat is now being held at favorite points correctional facility in new york. an all male prison. sweat will be housed in the 23 hour confinement unit. he's on active suicide watch and his cell will have a bed, riding platform, toilet, sinks and facility controlled shower that limits his movement. the drought might be to blame for a bizarre bee attack in southern california. a low ma linda man was giving his dog a bath yesterday when a swarm of bee he was keeping in his backyard suddenly struck. the drought might have attracted the bees to the water. the man and his dog were stung more than 100 times each.
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firefighters saved the pair by hosing them down with foam. >> they really got the dog out and moved him to a safe area and started foaming him down. he was doing pretty bad and started foaming at the mouth. started giving him oxygen. >> firefighters were also stung. the whole neighborhood was locked down while they worked to contain the bees. the man's uncle owns the beehive in the backyard and backyard beehives are illegal. he had heard about the mass honey buy die off around -- bee dieoff around the country and was trying to do something good for the environment. >> reporter: i'm lisa chan live at the hall of justice, man accused of killing a woman on pier 14 is set to be arraigned. coming up, hear how his criminal history is sparking a national debate. >> and i'm kiet do, we are live in san pablo where police have shot a man after getting into some sort of chase with him. we've got a live report coming up.
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and we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza there. lots of cars hitting the road already. good morning, it is mo i'm maria medina. >> and i'm brian hackney, frank is off and michelle is off. pretty much everybody is off this morning. the san pablo police department is investigating a reported shooting involving one of its officers and witnesses say that shots were fired after police chase ended with a crash. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live at the scene this morning. good morning kiet. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of busy crime scene out here in the city of san pablo. this is right on the corner of rumrill boulevard and pine. we've got evidence technicians out here taking pictures and gathering evidence. processing the scene here. the vehicle that you're looking at there is the one that's in question. we don't know a lot at this point. but what we do know is that sometime overnight, a suspect
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was that that vehicle. got into some sort of chase or pursuit or follow with the pd. the car lost control and jumped a curb and crashed into the fence. the man got out of the vehicle and into some sort of altercation with police. at which point police opened fire and struck the man. we don't know his condition and we don't know if he's been injured or if this is a fatality and still waiting for information from the police spokesperson and he'll be out here in just a little bit. but that's what we know so far. some sort of police involved shooting here in the city of san pablo. we'll have more for you throughout the broadcast. we're live in san pablo, kiet do, kpix 5. today a man charged with killing a woman at a scenic san francisco pier is set to be arraigned. it's a case that has reignited a debate about san francisco cease status as a sanctuary city. lisa chan is at the hall of justice in san francisco where today's arraignment will happen in a few hours, good morning lisa


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